Wednesday, January 7, 2015

New Year, New Philosophy

Hi Everyone!

As you may or may not have noticed, it appeared for awhile as though Ryan and I fell of the face of the Earth, at least in terms of our blog. My main reason for not writing was because whenever I sat down to write, I felt as though I could not say anything that was as meaningful or as powerful as when I wrote about our experiences in Greece. Everything I thought about writing just felt so silly and pointless next to a posting like that.

Case in point: A few months ago I actually got separate emails from both the man and woman in my story. They are American and they have a fairly similar experience to Ryan and I (transferred to a different country for work, doing a lot of traveling while abroad, excited to make the most of the opportunity, etc.) They emailed me to let me know that they are recovering from what happened and that they are ok. I was very thankful to receive those emails, as I had kept that man and woman in my prayers and thought about them quite often since Easter Sunday. However, it never really crossed my mind when writing the post that those people would ever read it. A bit naive, perhaps, in this day and age, but what surprised and humbled me the most about their emails was that they thanked me for sharing my experience.

After awhile, I started thinking more and more about the blog, and I realized that I was being a bit selfish by not writing. I wasn't writing because of how I felt, but I didn't give much thought to anyone else who might stumble across these posts and find them useful, or comforting, or funny, or in any small way might want to keep reading about our time abroad. In other words, I was no longer sharing my experiences, and that seemed like a bit of a disservice.  

So with that, and with the start of the New Year (it seemed an appropriate time to start writing again) I say Hello! And welcome back to the English channel.