Tuesday, April 15, 2014

The Year In Review

April 11th marked our One Year Anniversary of living in the UK.  In honor of that, I thought I would put together a list of statistics to mark what we have achieved, and what we hope to gain from our second year in London.

Number of Visitors: 8

Now, this number is slightly misleading, as I am only counting people who have visited our apartment. We have certainly been fortunate enough to meet up with a few more for drinks or dinner, and even had the opportunity to see some of you in other countries around Europe! This number is fortunately going to be smashed during the upcoming year, as we should have 8 visitors just by the end of May!

Number of Countries Visited: 11.5

Again, slightly misleading. I didn't count going home to the US, but I did count Scotland and Wales, even though they are technically part of the UK. And the half is because Ryan went to Aruba with his family and I did not join in that trip. In the coming year, I think we are going to try to keep up the trend of approximately one country per month.

Number of 'Friends' made: 4

Again, quite hard to judge this one. I'm not going by Facebook friend status here, although that would at least give me 2. I like to distinguish between friend and coworker by making the requirement that you have to have hung out with the person outside of a work setting. For instance, after work drinks don't count. However, if you go to pub quiz or a birthday party on the weekend together, you are definitely friends, because you actively chose to spend time with that person when you didn't have to.

Number of London landmarks visited: Not enough

Having more visitors this year will definitely help 'tick the boxes' on some of these things, but there are still quite a few places in London that we haven't seen! The Churchill War Rooms, Globe Theatre, Kensington Gardens, Kew Gardens, Wimbledon, the Shard, Westminster Abbey and the Houses of Parliament are just some of the places we still need to visit!

Number of personal goals achieved: At least 2 big ones

Over the past year I managed to pass my last actuarial exam and Ryan and I both ran a half marathon. Working toward completing those was a huge portion of how we spent our time last year.

Overall, I'd say I'm quite content with how much we've been able to do in our first year here. Hopefully our second year will be filled with just as many milestones and new memories with our friends and family!