Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Our Poor Blog

That's what we always say - Our poor blog, it gets no love from us. Kind of like our cactus back in Chicago. The poor cactus, at least we found a better home for it. As for the blog, I do intend to write much more frequently.

Things have been fine with us lately. Heidi has been studying around the clock for her upcoming exam, and I've been keeping myself busy as well. London continues to be quite a nice place to live, and we're looking forward to exploring it even more in the coming months.

In September we had the privilege of meeting our friends Sarah and Ted in Munich for Oktoberfest (which I'll write about separately). And last weekend I explored the Andalucia region of Spain, which I'm fairly sure I'd like to re-visit at some point down the road. Still doing our best to try and decorate our passports with stamps from all over.

Also, we arranged for our holiday travel back to the US. We'll be in Michigan starting December 21st, then leave for Pittsburgh on the 24th and on to Chicago on the 27th before returning to London on the 30th.

Hard to believe we've already been here more than six months!