Sunday, April 21, 2013

Week In Review

It has been a very eventful week for us in London. Then again, where and for whom has it not been eventful?

Emerging from the excitement of our first weekend in the city, we were very quickly brought back down to Earth by the news of the bombings in Boston, especially with two of our best friends at the site but thankfully out of danger.

It gave us the reality check that we're not in the US anymore. Being across the ocean from home, the distance does feel very real. We're able to closely follow what is happening in the US with so many avenues of instantaneous information and communication, but we aren't there to live through it with everyone else.

The international news coverage here is very good, though. All of the events surrounding Boston were full front-page spreads in the London papers, and long segments of the televised news were dedicated to the ongoing events. The time difference (5 hours ahead of Eastern time) makes it such that we wake up to review all the US updates we missed from the previous evening, and then our day is halfway over before anything else is happening.

Runners by Mile 23 of the Marathon
The big news stories of the week from London were Margaret Thatcher's funeral and the London Marathon. The funeral took place at St Paul's Cathedral, less than a mile from our apartment. We steered clear after being warned of potential rioting by her opponents, and thankfully nothing of the sort happened. Today was a beautiful day for the marathon, and we stopped by to cheer for a bit.

With Heidi not having to start working until April 22, "garden start" as we've called it, we've taken advantage by doing some touristy sightseeing and also looking for an apartment. We visited the British Museum, which is the site of the Rosetta Stone and many other Egyptian, Grecian, and Roman artifacts. We also walked outside Buckingham Palace and along the nearby parks.
Rosetta Stone - very large in person!
The Palace - No sign of the Queen

On Thursday and Friday we had appointments to view around a dozen potential apartments in each of our two favorite neighborhoods, Islington and Marylebone. We struggled with the decision with so many good options, but we are very happy with the place we found! Assuming the paperwork goes though, we will be living in Islington on the corner of Friend Street and Goswell Road. Perks include a never-lived-in unit, walking distance to a Chipotle, and a spare bedroom for guests to stay with us. Pictures of the apartment will follow.

We spent the remainder of the weekend catching up with friends and family on skype. We've had a little bit of difficulty getting fully set up with phones, but once that's settled we will put up information on the best way to reach us.

Cheers from this side of the world!