Saturday, March 16, 2013

Google needs to disintegrate its platforms

Looking to start up a new blog, naturally I went to, however little did I know that the service is now associated with Google. One would think that upon starting a blog the first tasks would be choosing a layout, title, theme, etc. But with Google at the helm these aren't even options at the onset, taking a back seat to integrating with Google+.

First off, no one uses Google+ for any unique purpose. It is a poorly engineered attempt at social networking that isn't taken seriously by anyone. For all the fantastic products they engineer (my favorite of which is the chromebook I'm using to compose this post), Google+ ranks near the bottom.

Second, if I'm writing a blog, it is for a specific purpose or audience. I will make sure that it reaches that target audience without Google doing the guesswork for me.

So what is the aforementioned purpose? I will use this space to document my thoughts and experiences as I move abroad and get a glimpse of life in a new surrounding.

London, here we come.